christmas in new york

This past Christmas, I had to cancel my trip to Nicaragua. Since I have been in Toronto it is my 3rd Christmas away from home. I didn’t want to be depressed, so I emailed my friends in the states and asked who would be around and who would take me in. Mari Carmen, lives in NYC and she lent me her apartment! Thank you Mari! My friend Ashley was alone and decided to join me.


Our journey started by polishing our shoes at the airport. Why not? Can you notice that he is using a mixer?

Our apartment was walking distance from central park. Here are some shots on our way to the Rockefeller center.

Every time I am in New York I think of Mimi, my grandma who recently passed away. She was just elegant, beautiful and she loved Christmas. She lived in New York when she was younger.

Window displays are a must on 5th ave. My favorites are at Bergdorf Goodman.

We headed over to Times Sq. to get tickets for a play. Almost everything was open on Christmas Eve.

Can you find us?

We decided to go see Memphis. I highly recommend it, the dancing and singing is simply amazing.

I am not a fan of Times Sq, although there is a beauty at night.

The next morning we visited the Guggenheim museum. The exhibition “Chaos and Classicism: Art in France, Italy, and Germany, 1918–1936” was on. But my favorite was “Kandinsky at the Bauhaus, 1922–1933” which is a permanent collection at the museum. I love Kandinsky geometric shapes and color combinations, really inspiring!

Lovely photo of Ashley!

It was my first time going to the Guggenheim, and I loved the building, it is so much fun to photograph!

The blizzard started! Lucky us that we had planned Museum day.

Walking to the MOMA through Central Park. We took a photo of a girl, who was posing like this and Ashley asked her if she was a ballerina and she was! So we decided to do the same pose.

At the MOMA there was a really fun performance where the pianist was inside the piano! The piano had wheels so it moved around the crowd. You can see a video here.

We walked 40 blocks under this! I don’t know what we were thinking! We found an Indian place, Agra, it was delicious! and we were able to warm up a bit.

The next day we had planned to go to PS1, but due to the weather it was closed!

5 Pointz the graffiti gallery across from PS1 was also close! We decided to go back to Manhattan and do some shopping in Soho, since Queens was just full of snow.

How often do you get to walk on the streets of little Italy?

My friend Leeay had recommended to go see Fuerza Bruta, I am so glad we did! I don’t think I have ever experienced something like this.

On our way home we passed by Grand Central, we stayed there for about an hour, just people watching. Its nice to see people come and go.

Our third and last day we went to Williamsburg. I absolutely loved it, if I were to live in NY I think I would live here. It reminded me of Toronto.

Really good food, in this blue restaurant. Ashley do you remember the name of it?

We decided to cross the Williamsburg Bridge and were able to see the sunset.

Byebye apartment! Here is a photo of Mari’s apartment. We slept like queens! Thanks again Mari. You can see more photos of the trip here.

4 Responses to “christmas in new york”

  1. 1 ashley Barron April 28, 2011 at 12:39 am

    Oh how I miss that cozy oasis of an apartment amid the winter choas that was. Such beautiful photos, Ale. Well worth the wait :)

  2. 3 Laura May 13, 2011 at 9:49 am

    Ale que lindas las fotos. Se nota que la pasaron alegre con la Ash. Esta de muerte eso del piano, I saw the video.

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