trying out silkscreen.

I always wanted to learn how to silkscreen. So, I finally did a five-week workshop at the Textile Studio in 401 Richmond. It was every Saturday; I loved it so much that I will take another one in July!

The pictures above show what I did in the class:

 -Leaf table runner, I made the leaf pattern by cutting out black paper, and created the dots with a hole puncher.

Sun print blue table runner, it was easy and lot of fun, Sharon, the teacher provided us with a special fabric that is already exposed.

 -Jersey scarf, I am really happy with the result, it was really last minute because I wanted to print on plain canvas totes. I went everywhere in china town and couldn’t find any.  So the night before the workshop my friend Pamela showed up with a jersey scarf and it happened that I had lots of jersey fabric for a dress that I never made. So tada! I made a scarf myself.

-Dots and triangle cushion, I learned how to sew a cushion cover at the workroom.

we heart handmade

This is what I got at the pop up event with West Elm and Etsy.

– tote from fieldguided

– clutch from scout and catalogue

– tea towels from bookhou

– thank you card from dead weight

I am so happy with my goodies! What an amazing event. I had so much fun, especially because I got to meet people that I admire and follow their blogs. You can look at more photos of the event on Anabela’s blog here.

para papa

Extraño nuestras caminadas en la playa, las conversaciones en la hamaca, tus masajes en mis pies antes de dormirme, ver novelas acurrucada con vos. Me haces falta papa! Gracias por ser tan dulce, amoroso, trabajador, creativo, dedicado, buen amigo y el mejor papa. Feliz día del padre!

“I miss our walks in the beach, our talks in the hammock, your foot massages before going to bed, watching soap operas in bed with you. I miss you dad! Thanks for been sweet, kind, hard working, creative, dedicated, a good friend and the best dad. I love you dad! Happy Father’s Day!”

para mama

I wish you would be here so I can take you out for dinner, have a spa day, go to a play or symphony with you. Since I can’t because you are far away, I dedicate this post to you. Thank you for always being there for me, for listening and giving me advice, thanks for being a great example of a beautiful hardworking woman. I will always look up to you. Te quiero mama. Feliz dia de las madres.


Spring in New York

This past long weekend my boyfriend and I went to New York. We stayed at my friend’s Alexandra, her place is just beautiful and conveniently located in the east village. Thank you Alex!

Here is some of what we did:

The Cooper Hewitt Museum: I really wanted to see Color Moves: Art and Fashion by Sonia Delaunay. It was just so amazing how Delaunay’s designs were so modern for her time 1920s. Her textile designs are a great inspiration, this one is my

The Whitney: It was my first time, I just loved the building. The Glen Ligon: America was pretty good, I liked the Malcom X portrait.

-We finally saw the Phantom. I cried, it reminds me of my mom and grandma.

-The Met: Alexander Mc Queen Savage Beauty exhibit was just incredible. Everyone has to see it and make sure to get the audio guide.

PS1: My friend Gloria loves PS1, and I finally got to see it. The fact that it used to be a Public School makes the building really

The Highline: a modern central park. Here is a good video.

-Had Carnegie Pastrami Sandwich: Lots of meat but really good, especially the pickle.

Echo at Madison Sq Park: It was just beautiful, a big white sculpture in the middle of the park.

-Had Shake Shack burgers: Pretty good especially the cheese fries and peanut butter shake.

Maxbrenner hot chocolate and peanut butter shake: Just yummy.

-Got the New York Portraits de Villes by Steve Hiette: Love the neon yellow cover and the photos are really inspiring. One day will get the collection.

To see more photos of our weekend you can click here.

christmas in new york

This past Christmas, I had to cancel my trip to Nicaragua. Since I have been in Toronto it is my 3rd Christmas away from home. I didn’t want to be depressed, so I emailed my friends in the states and asked who would be around and who would take me in. Mari Carmen, lives in NYC and she lent me her apartment! Thank you Mari! My friend Ashley was alone and decided to join me.


Our journey started by polishing our shoes at the airport. Why not? Can you notice that he is using a mixer?

Our apartment was walking distance from central park. Here are some shots on our way to the Rockefeller center.

Every time I am in New York I think of Mimi, my grandma who recently passed away. She was just elegant, beautiful and she loved Christmas. She lived in New York when she was younger.

Window displays are a must on 5th ave. My favorites are at Bergdorf Goodman.

We headed over to Times Sq. to get tickets for a play. Almost everything was open on Christmas Eve.

Can you find us?

We decided to go see Memphis. I highly recommend it, the dancing and singing is simply amazing.

I am not a fan of Times Sq, although there is a beauty at night.

The next morning we visited the Guggenheim museum. The exhibition “Chaos and Classicism: Art in France, Italy, and Germany, 1918–1936” was on. But my favorite was “Kandinsky at the Bauhaus, 1922–1933” which is a permanent collection at the museum. I love Kandinsky geometric shapes and color combinations, really inspiring!

Lovely photo of Ashley!

It was my first time going to the Guggenheim, and I loved the building, it is so much fun to photograph!

The blizzard started! Lucky us that we had planned Museum day.

Walking to the MOMA through Central Park. We took a photo of a girl, who was posing like this and Ashley asked her if she was a ballerina and she was! So we decided to do the same pose.

At the MOMA there was a really fun performance where the pianist was inside the piano! The piano had wheels so it moved around the crowd. You can see a video here.

We walked 40 blocks under this! I don’t know what we were thinking! We found an Indian place, Agra, it was delicious! and we were able to warm up a bit.

The next day we had planned to go to PS1, but due to the weather it was closed!

5 Pointz the graffiti gallery across from PS1 was also close! We decided to go back to Manhattan and do some shopping in Soho, since Queens was just full of snow.

How often do you get to walk on the streets of little Italy?

My friend Leeay had recommended to go see Fuerza Bruta, I am so glad we did! I don’t think I have ever experienced something like this.

On our way home we passed by Grand Central, we stayed there for about an hour, just people watching. Its nice to see people come and go.

Our third and last day we went to Williamsburg. I absolutely loved it, if I were to live in NY I think I would live here. It reminded me of Toronto.

Really good food, in this blue restaurant. Ashley do you remember the name of it?

We decided to cross the Williamsburg Bridge and were able to see the sunset.

Byebye apartment! Here is a photo of Mari’s apartment. We slept like queens! Thanks again Mari. You can see more photos of the trip here.

para cecilia…

“En días como este se aprende a apreciar la belleza del invierno.”

“In days like these you learn to appreciate the winter’s beauty.”


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